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Rafiq Hajat

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Rafiq Hajat, IANRA leader dies

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

Malawian Rights activist Rafiq Hajat, 65, has died today after what comrades in Malawi are saying after suffering a heart attack. The family will be announcing details of this funeral soon. He was the founding director of the Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) in Malawi and it is from this base, that he became active in the politics of the region, and the continent where he is a household name. He was elected the chairperson of the International Alliance on Natural Resources (IANRA) in Africa, a network that advocates for justice in the use and extraction of Africa`s natural resources and for African solutions to the crisis of climate change and extractivism. Today because of his leadership IANRA is recognised by their fellow civil society organisations as well governments and the continent governing bodies such as the African Union (AU), NEPAD and the African Commission.

In this role he has visited many countries and there are many in the subregion who can rightfully call him a friend and a comrade.

IANRA will host a commemorative virtual meeting in his honour soon. Watch this space.

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Hamba Kahle

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Rafiq was a great leader and a true social justice activitist. He will forever be missed. Rest well. Alluta continua.