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Africa’s rich natural resources have been both the source of violent conflict and its hope for prosperity. Farmland, forests, oil reserves, mineral deposits and water have been the subject of research, debate and conflict for many years.

A lack of transparency in resource-rich African countries around resource development and revenue, facilitates corruption that hinders government capacity to deliver basic services for their people, like health, education and sanitation.

Communities must be given the tools to hold their governments accountable for their actions. The mining sector could provide jobs, health and education services to vulnerable communities, but inadequate legal standards and weak government oversights means these people are left unprotected, insecure and uninformed.

Your donation enables us to step in and fight for the rights of poor communities.

With your help, natural resource management issues can be addressed scientifically, socially and politically. IANRA enables social, environmental and economic justice in the natural resources sector, empowering poor and excluded communities through our research, lobbying, advocacy and campaigning.


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